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I have a review for you today. A review for their mats and terrain. I’ll start by saying that the products are superb. The terrain looks fantastic and the mat is durable and really very nice as a battlefield. Stick around to find out why…

For this review, I’ll take a look at the process end-to-end; from ordering with to using their products.

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Ordering & Delivery

The website works and is easy to use no issues here.

Despite coming from Europe across the channel to the U.K. delivery was quick. Maybe five days which is great.

I had a tracking link that told me where my package was as it left the Czech Republic and made its way to Germany. The same link worked as it made its way via aeroplane to the U.K. Most excellent.


The battle mat was packaged in a sturdy card tube. Perfect. I can’t say anymore or any less about that.

The terrain pieces were packed into a custom cut piece of polystyrene and then tucked nicely into a box. The polystyrene has a lid too so they were completely covered. I don’t see how they could be damaged ever in this setup.

Since receiving mine and using the terrain I’ve moved them to a slightly smaller box and used bubble wrap to protect them.

Polystyrene gets everywhere! So while it’s perfect for moving countries, I needed another solution for moving the terrain between garage and house.

Product Build

First up is the double-sided battle mat -6’x4′ Double Sided G-Mat: Fallout Zone and Imperial Base. Review – Battlemat

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I opted for the mat made from mouse pad material and it’s fantastic. Both sides look superb and the material is weighty. Once unfurled it stays down and doesn’t need tape or tac to make it stay on your board top.

The surface is smooth too so you can slide model bases along it if needed. I don’t need to do that often but if you use trays in a formation then this is a nice feature and ability.

The mouse pad material is also forgiving when it comes to storage. If you loosely roll it up and leave it somewhere that isn’t perfectly flat then it’s fine. It doesn’t crease easily.

This video shows much better than I can explain how it moves and feels. Review – Terrain

Again these are great. The rocks are made from a single piece of plastic and then painted. They are heavy. Heavier than I expected which means two things:

  • They don’t tip and wobble easily
  • They stay put when you knock the table
  • They also seem to have been designed with wide bases on purpose. The bases are wide and make them very sturdy.
  • This video again will do their weight and mass more justice than my words.

Highlands Terrain

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As you can see my Guardsmen look right at home in amongst the Highlands!

Badlands Terrain

And again the Badlands Terrain on the Fallout Zone battle mat are looking superb!

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Summary – Review

When you shop for these mats and terrain the price can seem like a lot. But honestly, it’s well worth it. If you split it with your group it becomes very attractive and you can go from zero terrain pieces to a fantastic battlefield for £175. When you half that or quarter it with friends it’s really very nice.

So in summary, if you’re in the market for terrain and/or a battle mat then is definitely worth the money. The quality is superb and you won’t be disappointed!

Finally, I don’t own but have used the Gothic Ruins produce too at Boards and Swords. And again they are great. Heavy and fantastic to look at in a war-torn 40K battlefield.