Forgeworld Vulture - My First Experience of Resin

Forgeworld Vulture – My First Experience of Resin

Details of my first Forgeworld build and the ensuing customer experience dream

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Last July I attended my first event at Warhammer World – the Forgeworld Open Day. It was a great event and I parted ways with £64+ for a Vulture and the Punisher Cannons which don’t come with the main Vulture model. All did not go to plan however due to the oddness of resin. But stay tuned for a customer experience dream. Hats off to the Forgeworld customer service people – they really know how to make a 31 year old male happy!

Forgeworld Vulture Woes

Its taken me nearly 12 months to get around to building the model. Forgeworld resin is new to me and it was always easier to do something else rather than break my resin virginity. I’d followed the online videos about working with resin, washed my resin pieces, filed, shaved, sawed, cut and checked everything was present. Everything was there, I was ready. Assembly was where things started to go a little wrong. Firstly the cockpit section didn’t fit very well against the fuselage. I carried on hoping that I would get over it and that I could green stuff it into something more finished looking.

Forgeworld Vulture Fuselage

Forgeworld Vulture Fuselage

My optimism was short lived however as the plastic Valkyrie wings would not fit at all against the new resin fuselage. I tried to work them in all sorts of ways but just could not get them to fit snuggly.

Forgeworld Vulture fuselage doesn't fit with Valkyrie wings

Forgeworld Vulture fuselage doesn’t fit with Valkyrie wings (bottom)

Forgeworld Vulture fuselage doesn't fit with Valkyrie wings (top)

Forgeworld Vulture fuselage doesn’t fit with Valkyrie wings (top)

I turned to a friend and a resin expert in the form of @ResinJunkie. It seemed that this was not to be expected and my newbie-ness had put up with more than one should when piecing together resin kits. I called Forgeworld who asked me to return the model – they paid the postage. Thumbs up. I was a little annoyed about this as I had taken the time to cut out all the bits, shave them, file them, clean them, etc and now they were being returned. I would need to repeat the same process all over again on the new kit. But oh well, I sent the half built kit back with my pre-paid postage label.

It had taken me nearly a year to build myself up to building the Vulture and now it was gone again, along with all the prepared pieces. Back to square one with my resin virginity.

Customer Experience Dream

It turns out that the Vulture kit is old and not up to the standards of Forgeworld these days. So its been pulled and its going to be “remastered” into a new version that will fit together a lot easier. I expect it to be the same model but with updated pieces so they fit together. This could take up to 5 months if not longer but I will get one of these models when they become available. Looks like my Vulture may take 2 years to see a table top!

But I also got a voucher for Forgeworld for £64 so in the meantime I have something else to build! So after a rather long wait and then a bad experience with resin I am so excited to get my new model and a new remastered version of the Vulture kit. All those people that praise Forgeworld for their customer service are right. While resin can be a pain, Forgeworld make it as painless as humanly possible.

Stay tuned for my new Forgeworld model, its going to remain a secret for the time being!