Finishing 40K Games

Finishing 40K Games

Quick post about Finishing 40K Games quickly...

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My group can have issues Finishing 40K Games on time. When I say in time I mean either before the store/club closes or at a reasonable time of the night. So I’d thought I’d see you what else other people do to combat this issue and share with you what we do…

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What we do can be broadly categorised into two approaches…

Finish it then and there

The easiest and quickest way is to just call it as if the game ends instantly. Simply total up the VPs that each player has and decide the winner from that.

This approach only works if you have a clear winner and you only want to know how much they won by.

For closer games we instead…

Complete the most pivotal events

If the battle is a close call and we have a few minutes left then we just resolve the most important events. For example, if a unit needs to make a certain run distance or charge then we resolve that event. Or perhaps one force needs to remove one unit from the game in order to take an objective; therefore we resolve all the shooting for one side to see if the unit in question can be removed.

This approach is often employed when we are only on turn 5 or the game goes to turn 6. It’s rare that pivotal events occur in turn 3 or the game needs to end that early.

It’s also important to note that each player must be able to complete their most important tasks. It wouldn’t be fair if I was able to fire off a final last salvo to win in turn 5 but my opponent wasn’t able to counter that with a pivotal task in their turn 5 after me.


And then there is the classic rematch. Although every match is a rematch between my group of five. There are only so many ways to skin a heretic.

How do you Finish 40K Games prematurely?