Astra Militarum Tactics

Etiquette, List Writing & Friends

Approximate Reading Time: 2 minutes

So I have been recently hitting up all of Fritz 40K’s videos on the Tube of You. Great content. I recently watched this short video.

The gist of the video is that there are certain unwritten rules regarding list writing. The main two being;

  • Don’t make multiple lists – e.g. have 3x 2,000 point lists ready to go, each one geared toward a specific opponent. Then pull out a specific list for a certain type of opponent once you get to a store or tournament and find out who you are playing.
  • Don’t list tailor – e.g. don’t wait until you get to a store for a game, found out who you are playing them go and write your list specifically for that opponent. Instead bring a list to the store and play that list – regardless of your opponent.

I play a lot at home, with the same three friends. So list tailoring is hard not to do. We have 2 Space Marine players, me (Guard) and a Tau player. We know each others models fairly well – especially the Marine players as they are new. So list tailoring is very hard to avoid, as you know what your opponent will bring down to the last model.

Have other people got this problem? How do you engineer this “automatic list tailoring” out of a game? Is it impossible to avoid? This has not had a negative effect on our games, but it may do one day. So I was just interested in what other people thought of the topic.