Eldar Craftworlds and Necrons – My Thoughts

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Eldar Craftworlds, meh! Simple Guard. Thats all I need.

Eldar Craftworlds, meh! Simple Guard. Thats all I need.

I’ve recently been writing a piece about my position on the new Eldar codex and the new Necron codex. This mainly centred on the numerous formations that allow free upgrades and a multitude of special rules for both Eldar and Necrons. I compared this to my Astra Militarum codex and their lack of formations. The Astra Militarum also lack any  ability to really buff units or multiple units with ease. We can do some stuff, but WS or BS increases, forget it. Reanimation what? If a Guardsmen dies, he is just that, dead. Oh apart from Yarrick!

Yesterday I deleted that article and started writing this one. Why? Because it ran against my reasons for setting up this blog and everything else I’ve written before. 

I recently did an interview on the Windy City War Gaming podcast (not yet live), Chris asked me what I thought about Games Workshop’s new rapid release schedule, amongst other things. We also got onto Games Wortkshop bashing and how I, and they, try and avoid this topic as it does no one any good at all. I’ve since realised that the previous version of this article was exactly that, Games Wortkshop bashing.

Therefore I stopped, stepped back and had another think about the Eldar codex and Necron codex. This is where I am at now….

Eldar Craftworlds Re-Think

It’s really not that bad for me, I had gotten swept into the mess of the internet nerd rage. In my little group no one plays Eldar or Necrons. I’ll only experience the wrath of these Xenos once I get into the local store to play or a club. At present these guys won’t trouble me. I don’t like the idea of there being incredibly powerful armies out there, but I enjoy this hobby, I enjoy playing it, I enjoy winning and I even enjoy the games  where I lose. Live and Learn. If I ever get to the tournament scene it will be for giggles, not to win. So getting tabled by two Wraith Knights may well happen, but I’ll give ’em hell first.

So I’m going to continue as I am, not Games Workshop bashing, enjoying the hobby and doing what I want to do with the army I enjoy.

If everyone else can do the same, we’ll all be much happier.