Eisenhorn Xenos - Cadian Shock Library, Book 5
Cadian Shock Library

Eisenhorn Xenos – Cadian Shock Library, Book 5

Another book completed!

Approximate Reading Time: 2 minutes

Another book is ready for someone out there! I finished Eisenhorn Xenos around the new year and its taken me a while to place it on here. This is a great book and is well known and loved throughout the 40K community I am sure! I do not have the second one yet. I am still on Straken.

Assignment of this (Eisenhorn Xenos) book will be to the first person who comments on this page saying they want the book. You must be in the UK and you only get one book from the Cadian Shock Library, ever. You should also pass the book on for free, obviously I can’t enforce this but that’s the idea of this exercise. Here are some rules from the previous post.

Rules for Eisenhorn Xenos book giveaway

  • I’ll send to the UK for free.
  • I’ll send abroad but not for free, the receiver should cover the costs using PayPal.
  • Once you’ve done with a book write your name in the front pages, plus any little story regarding how you came about getting the book.
  • Once you’re done with a book and written in it give it away for free and the cycle continues. This is the whole point, to keep them moving all over the world?
  • I’ll put a link to this page in the front pages of each book too so future owners know what’s going on.
  • Only one book per person ever.
  • If you want to do the same with your books please do, but I’m not responsible for that process.
  • If you can’t get along with all of the above press the X in the top corner of your browser. Bye bye.

Straken is my current book, but its slow going due to 8th edition and Shadow War Zone development.