Eisenhorn and Daemonhost

Eisenhorn and Daemonhost

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Taking a break from the Astra Militarum Getting Started series today, I am at a wedding! I now have Eisenhorn and his Deamonhost in my collection. Painted too! Although somewhat of a cheat to have them painted.

This inquisitional legend was painted for me by the talented dave_nyhilus and the Daemonhost was from eBay. Although I have spruced him up a bit and sprinkled blood all over him!

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Now I have these models I revisited their rules. Especially for the Daemonhost.


Eisenhorn is somewhat underwhelming, I feel, at first glance. T3 and S3 are not that great. He is hitting on a 3+ in combat and shooting which is a nice change from my regular Guard hit rolls of 4+.

He does have the ability to put Mortal Wounds onto Vehicles. His melee weapon’s both do D3 Damage which will cause multi-wound models some headaches.

But his strengths are not in his stat line. They are in the Daemonhost he can summon at the start of any turn.

He has two powers and can use one per turn. I will take Terrify and Dominate. Terrify to remove Overwatch from an enemy before the Daemonhost charges. And Dominate – because its cool! Taking control of an enemy model and having it fire on your behalf is very cool!

Gallery of Eisenhorn by dave_nyhilus


I love this guy! He is better than the regular Daemonhost because he gains stats and the Character keyword from being summoned by Eisenhorn. You have to pay the 25 points if you’re playing Matched Play for the model – that takes Eisenhorn plus the Daemonhost to 125 points total. Which is a fair chunk?

He gains 2 to Strength, Toughness, Wounds and Attacks. While within 6″ of Eisenhorn he can add 1 to Hit, Wound and Invulnerable Saves. He’s also a Character.

The Daemonhost from Eisenhorn has the same random powers as a normal Daemonhost not summoned by Eisenhorn. This power is determined at the start of the movement phase by rolling a D6.

  • Roll a 1 or 2 – gains Fly and can move 12″
  • Roll a 3 or 4 – regains all lost wounds
  • Roll a 5 or 6 – roll a D6 for each enemy unit within 3″, on a 2+ they suffer D3 Mortal Wounds.

The Daemonhost is set up within 6″ of Eisenhorn and more than 1″ from any enemy model at the start of any turn. When Eisenhorn does this he loses his Unquestionable Wisdom ability. Unquestionable Wisdom allows Imperium units with 6″ to use Eisenhorn’s Leadership. Given that the Daemonhost is a Character you can protect him fairly easily by ensuring that Eisenhorn stays with a Guardsman Squad or two.

So now we have the ability to dump this Daemonhost onto the table and guarantee a charge. He will charge with 4 Attacks, BS3+, Strength 6 (with +1 to Wound), AP-3 and 1 Damage. Your enemy won’t expect that!

The shooting attack also has +1 to hit, +1 to wound and will cause 3 Damage on a 6+ to wound.

If we couple this with his powers and the fact the Daemonhost is a character it’s going to cause a headache for the enemy.

  • Moving 12″ gives him a great reach for charges.
  • Regains lost wounds is very handy. He has 5 so may find himself down on a fair few wounds and still alive – then blam, he is back!
  • The D3 Mortal Wounds on a 2+ to all enemy within 3″ is really what we want – that could be devasting.

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