Disqus Comments Disabled

Approximate Reading Time: 2 minutes

This is not at all a 40K article, but just a note to say that Disqus comments have been removed from the Cadian Shock Blog. This blog.

Simply because I had never realised what a drain on the browser it was. Disqus makes the make much slower than it needs to be. It also inserts an ad at the moment which is not something I want on this blog. Disqus does make the blog part of a wider community, but that seems to have little to no effect. In 2018 so far Disqus sent me just 122 visits.

The app is also terrible and never notifies me when there is a new comment, but the WordPress app does this much more reliably.

I have done my best to import all the old comments as this had stopped working. I think because of a change at Disqus – something I was not aware of until now. It does seem the import though has made all the comments take place Today – which is annoying. Its not preserved the actual date of the comment.

But it looks like it shaved a few seconds off the load time of my articles! Win!

So let us see how we go…

Will you miss Disqus?