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Dear #warmongers – 1 Year on Twitter

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Dear #warmongers its been a year to the day that I have had my @cadianshock Twitter account and its been an absolute blast. You guys all truly rule.

If you’re not on Twitter and you are a hobbyist you should join Twitter, now, here are some reasons why;

  • Everyday the #warmongers are posting great painting, reading or video content.
  • On any day I can post a dumb 40K question and get an informative and good answer from#warmongers.
  • There is never a day where we descend into the bottom of a barrel and flame each other. We come close #warmongers!
  • I can post a pic of a mini and always get great feedback and inspiring encouragement.
  • I can post mad, niche or silly blog articles and always get a response.

But most of all I think we just get each other? We are all just people sat at home with a pot of paint, a piece of plastic and an idea.

Finally I think this is my highlight – to have acknowledgment from an author about some rules I made up based on a book is pretty cool!

Cheers, here’s to another 365 days on Twitter.

Dear #warmongers – 1 Year on Twitter
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