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Critique My 1,000 Point Imperial Guard List

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Imperial Guard Forces

Imperial Guard Forces

I’ve had a game recently, 2,000 points of Space Marines VS Tau and Imperial Guard. Here is  the list I used for the game, it’s 1,000 points. My aim was to screen the Tau and my shooty units with a blob from the rampaging Blood Angels. That screen of meat would soak up fire and melee while everyone else shot. Here it is;

1,000 Point Imperial Guard List

  • Yarrick
  • Primaris Psyker
  • Ministorum Priest (proxied with a Commissar)
  • Platoon Command squad With Vox Caster
  • 20 man blob with single Vox Caster, joined by Yarrick and Primaris Psyker
  • Heavy Weapons Team with Missile Launchers
  • Leman Russ Executioner with Sponson Plasma Cannons
  • Veteran squad with Vox Caster and 3 Plasma Guns
  • 3 Bullgryns with Power Mauls and Shields, joined by the Ministorum Priest

The game has already taken place. I’ll be writing it up on The 40K Battle Directory soon. But I’m interested in what the thoughts are on my Guard list?

1,000 Point Tau List

The Tau list looked something like this;

  • Farsight plus 5 Bodyguards with Missile Something and Plasma Rifles.
  • 2x unit of 10 Kroot armed with sticks and stones.
  • 6 Pathfinders in a Devilfish with a mixture of Markerlights and Rail Rifles.

Seems a bit thing on the ground doesn’t it!

All thoughts are welcome! You can expect the Battle Report and follow up article soon!


After some of the comments its worth noting that the Space Marine side will be lacking in vehicles. There only likely to be fielding Land Speeders and Dreadnoughts. Hence we’re light on anti-tank weaponry.

Battle Report

The Battle Report from this game can now be seen on The Battle Directory.