Catachan Reinforcements

Catachan Reinforcements

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I have some Catachan reinforcements and these will be the last for a while.

These were from eBay and were a real mix of models. There were some weird configurations!

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But were absolutely dirt cheap, and I couldn’t resist at the time.

Chris from the Unrelenting Brush painted them up for me.

I’m now up to 80~ Catachan Infantry which gives me a Brigade with ease. My Catachan Brigade comprises of a mix of the following…


  • Straken
  • Yarrick
  • Primaris Psyker
  • 3x Catachan Company Commanders

Again a decent selection. I can take Straken for orders and some melee goodness. Or take Company Commanders if I am tight on points.

Yarrick - by Siege Studios

Yarrick – by Siege Studios


  • 60x Infantry

By far the hardest to do. I’ve already bitten off too much with my Valhallans. Hence why Chris did these for me.

Catachan Reinforcements

Catachan Reinforcements


  • 2x Tech-Priests
  • Platoon Commanders
  • A Priest
  • Ratlings
  • Crusaders

This is the easiest to fill as there are so many none regimental choices. Which means I’ve gradually built up a decent selection of models here over the years.

I like to do models like these to break up the batch painting of Guardsmen.

I’ll be adding Harker to this list soon too. He gives re-roll of ones for Catachan to hit in the Shooting phase only. He’s a nice alternative to Yarrick for half the points. He’s not as good as Yarrick because Yarrick re-rolls all ones to hit (Shooting and Fight phase) for all Astra Militarum.



Fast Attack

  • 3x Hellhounds

These are the only painted Fast Attack choices in my whole collection. I really need to do my Cadian Sentinels.

Hellhounds, now with netting - Astra Militarum & Raven Guard

Hellhounds, now with netting

Heavy Support

  • 3x Cyclops Demolition Vehicles

These are my only painted Catachan Heavy Support. I’d like to add some Forgeworld Artillery at some point in the future to this section.



Catachan ReinforcementsĀ Gallery

The full composition of Infantry I have is

  • Straken
  • 3 Company Commanders with Power Fists & Plasma Pistols
  • Plasma Pistol Sergeant
  • A Heavy Bolter
  • A Grenade Launcher
  • 3x Vox-Casters
  • 9x Flamers
  • A Bolt Pistol Sergeant
  • 9 Las Pistol Sergeants
  • 55 Regular Guardsmen with Lasguns

That is 84 infantry models in total. Who needs Knight when you have 84 wounds this way?!

The terrain used in this photoshoot is from Go To Gound Wargaming.