Camo Cloaks Tutorial using Gauze & Glue by Gabriele

Camo Cloaks Tutorial using Gauze & Glue by Gabriele

Approximate Reading Time: 2 minutes
Camo Cloaks - The Snipers Secondary Weapon

Camo Cloaks – The Snipers Secondary Weapon

A Cadian Shock reader from Facebook sent me his tutorial on making camo cloaks. This method is realistic and cheap! Thanks so much Gabriele with this! Without further ado from myself I will pass you over.

Camo Cloaks Tutorial

My name is Gabriele and I live in Italy, in this short tutorial I am going to show you how to make a good camo cloaks for your Imperial Guard Snipers, Catachans or Veterans. You can also use this technique to represent camo netting over vehicles.

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1. What You Need

You need only a gauze, some glue (I use PVA),  water in a glass, a plate or bowl. You also need your hobby knife, a pair of scissors, and an old brush you don’t care about. The gauze you can get from eBay.

Oh and obviously you need a model!

2. Preparation

Once you’ve assembled the model cut a little square of gauze with scissors, trying not to ruin the texture of the fabric. It’s recommended to check the size of your square before proceeding.

Stream some glue into the bowl and water it down, a mixture of 60% water and 40% glue should work well, but the optimal mix could depend on the density of your glue.

Now, before the glue dries, put the square of gauze into it, the gauze must absorb the glue. After that put the cloak over the shoulder of your sniper and use your brush to fit it tightly to the body of the miniature, and let it dry.

Once dried, you can use your hobby knife or your pairs of scissors to polish the gauze, cutting off the excess.

3. Painting Time

It’s painting time, load your brushes and mix your paints! You can paint the cloak how ever you want, the camo pattern can be the famous tiger stripes, woodland or urban, but you need to lay down first a heavy coat of black, or you’ll see the white under the paint, and we don’t want this, don’t we? I also recommend a zenithal dry brush before painting the pattern of the camo.

Forgive my bad english and my old camera, see you soon!