Cadians vs Custodes Open War - 2,000 Points
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Cadians vs Custodes Open War – 2,000 Points

Open War vs Custodes, let us see if I do any better in this format...

Approximate Reading Time: 5 minutes

This game was vs Space Wolves, this was then postponed to April 4th, so it was against Tau. Then my Tau opponent got Covid. So it was against Custodes in the end –  I do not love playing against Custodes despite the many games vs them recently!

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This game was at Boards and Swords, in Derby.

Cadians 2,000 Points List

Cadian Battalion Detachment

Command Points

  • Imperial Commander’s Armoury 1CP
  • Vanguard Detachment 3CP
  • Arbiter of the Emperor’s Will 1CP
  • Tank Ace 1CP
  • I am starting on 6CP

Agents of the Imperium

  • Coatez with Smite, Castigation and Warding Incantation – in the Chimera


  • Aradia Madellan – in the Chimera
  • Company Commander with The Dagger of Tu’Sakh – in Deep Strike due to the dagger
  • Warlord with Gifted Commander, Plasma Executioner Tank Commander with Plasma Cannons, Lascannon, Master Mechanic Tank Ace and Tactica Pax Cadia – deployed as normal


  • 3x Infantry Squads – redeployed to Reserves using Gifted Commander
  • Tempestus Scions with 2x Plasma Guns and Tempstor with Power Fist and Plasma Pistol – in Deep Strike
  • Tempestus Scions with 2x Plasma Guns and Tempstor with Power Fist and Plasma Pistol – in Deep Strike
  • Tempestus Scions with 2x Melgaguns and Tempstor with Power Fist and Plasma Pistol – in Deep Strike


  • Psychic Barrier Astropath – in the Chimera
  • Command Squad with Meltaguns – in Deep Strike with the Commander due to the dagger
  • Veteran Squad with 3x Plasma Guns – in Deep Strike with a Hades Breaching Drill
  • Veteran Squad with 3x Plasma Guns – in Deep Strike with a Hades Breaching Drill
  • Veteran Squad with 3x Meltaguns – in Deep Strike with a Hades Breaching Drill
  • Ogryn Bodyguard – in the Chimera

Heavy Support

  • Cyclops Demolition Vehicle – in the Chimera

Dedicated Transports

  • A Chimera – deployed as normal
  • 3x Hades Breaching Drills – in Deep Strike with the 3x Veteran Squads

Vanguard Detachment

  • Vindicare Assassin – deployed as normal
  • Callidus Assassin – in Deep Strike
  • Eversor Assassin – in Deep Strike
  • Culexus Assassin – in Deep Strike



I deployed my infantry, Chimera and Tank Commander – and then removed my 3 infantry squads using Gifted Commander. You can see them there, and not there in the pics below.

The Vindicare also took up position in a hut on an objective.

Turn 1

Custodes went first.

I soaked up the little shooting there was OK, the Chimera survived a charge too from the Guardians. Luckily the Dreadnought failed its charge.

I had little in the way of movement. But did get the Cyclops out and right into the middle of the table. I used Hail of Fire with Fire Reload Fire on the Tank Commander against the Dreadnought. After the dust had settled, I had inflicted one Wound.

The Cyclops could not explode on the turn it got out. So sat there.

Coatez and the Ogryn Bodyguard got out and charged the Guardians in combat with the Chimera – they did nothing.


I think writing a little summary of how I went a turn went is a good idea at this point of the Guard timeline. I am not going to win this fight, but it is worth noting what went well and not well.

The Ogryn Bodyguard and his crew were useless vs the tough Guardians, vs something T4 with no Inv would have been much better.

The 2 Damage of the Plasma is useless vs the Dreadnought and I should have gone for the Guardians really.

Turn 2

The Custodes pressed on and killed my Chimera along with many of the characters inside it. They also got into my Tank Commander, thanks to the frankly insane 9″ move of the Dreadnought.

The same shit different day it seems with the Guard. Henry did forget to attack and charge my Cyclops which was right in amongst 3 or 4 of his units. He was worried – I told him it would be OK. It was, it did a Wound to two different units and that was it.

His Callidus arrived and killed my Vindicare.

I brought in a Drill, the Culexus, Eversor and Callidus this turn. The Drill failed its charge, but the Eversor got in along with the Callidus. The Eversor mashed through 5 Sisters of Silence in the backline which gave me the objective. A minor win for my Assassins. I also brought on the thirty infantry that I removed using Gifted Commander. They came on and I used Move, Move, Move to swamp my objective that the Callidus had taken from the Vindicare.

The Culexus did very little, he did make his charge though, into a Terminator.


The Assassins are fun but they are poor really against the toughness of the Custodes. Again vs something less tough and with poorer Saves, they would have done a lot better. Hence why the Eversor cleared out the Sisters of Silence.

Again the Cyclops was useless due the Toughness and Saves of the Custodes.

Turn 3

The Cutsodes were now pressing in and taking out everything. Their Flamer type Terminators came in and just melted infantry with ease. See the below image with them engaged with my Drill.

I did kill the Dreadnought with a Drill though!


The Drills really need to start on the table. The charge is just too hard without any plus or re-roll past the Command Re-Roll.

Custodes Victory