Blood Angels vs Cadians & Lord Solar - 2,000 Points
Battle Reports

Blood Angels vs Cadians & Lord Solar – 2,000 Points

My first Tempest of War cards game in a while, and probably my last before 10th edition...

Approximate Reading Time: 3 minutes

Back to Tempest of War cards for this Blood Angels vs Cadians game – will the cards be kind? They were last time vs Iron Hands.

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This game was at Boards and Swords in Derby.

Cadians 2,000 Points List

Cadian Arks of Omen Detachment


  • Warlord – Lord Solar with Grand Strategist
  • Creed
  • Cadian Castellan – Bodyguard, Ripper Gun,  Brute Shield, Officer Cadre (1CP), Old Grudges, Order of the Bastium Stellaris (1CP)
  • Vindicare (not an HQ)


  • 3x Cadian Shock Troopers with a Plasma Gun, Melta Gun and Vox-Caster
  • 3x Cadian Shock Troopers with a Grenade Launcher, Melta Gun and Vox-Caster

Fast Attack

  • A unit of 3 Armoured Sentinels with HMKs, Plasma Cannons

Heavy Support

  • Malleus Rocket Launchers
  • Bombast Field Guns
  • Heavy Lascannons


  • A unit of 3 Ogryns
  • 3x units of 3 Bullgryns


  • Valkyrie


  • Chimera

Blood Angels


Blood Angels – Turn 1

Well, a bad start, and I am learning what it is like to play against Blood Angels all over again. Blood Angels got the first turn, then a turn one pre-game move of 12″ for Death Company, then a 12″ move, and they charged into my Bullgryns, killing two.

Same thing on the other side with a Drop Pod and five Death Company Marines.

This left flank was now f***ed.

The giant blob of healing Sanguinary Guard moved into the centre of the battlefield.

Cadians – Turn 1

I managed to kill nine of the ten Death Company that made the turn-one charge, but that one would last the rest of the gaming, engaging my FOBs in combat and being annoying. The group of five Death Company did something similar.

The Vindicare popped a shot at the Apothecary dude… he did nothing and did nothing for the remaining five turns of this game. Good job, buddy.

A handful of Sanguinary Guard did die.

Turn 2

The Valkyrie came in and halved a Predator’s wounds; the other two remained untouched.

I managed to kill a few Sanguinary Guard in the middle, but they would bring one back, heal any who had taken any wounds and then continue to rampage across the board.


I think I was tabled in round five, or maybe I had one model left. This was a fun game! Thanks, Matt, for the game, our first but by no means our last! Next time I will turn it up a notch or two, though, because my list was severely lacking.

Bring on the 10th Edition… there are one or two Guard lists out there that can do anything, and I refuse to use them because… boring. It does seem that taking a list with any flavour or fun units is punished and is entirely ineffective.

I hope the openness of list building in 10th Editon will mean that all units are viable, and there is now just one power build of Leman Russ, Kasrkin and Rogal Dorns that are effective on the battlefield.

I think in this game, I killed;

  • 1 Predator
  • 3 Intercessors
  • 13 Death Company
  • 7 Sanguinary Guard

Meanwhile, I lost my entire force.

Final Score

Astra Militarum – 47
Blood Angels – 100

Blood Angels Victory