Blog – The End of 2014 & Motivation

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Blog - Photo from this year

Blog – Photo from this year

Its been around a year since I restarted my hobby. I have had a flurry of blog articles over the last few weeks, one about Weapon Skill which was mainly me voicing my thoughts, and then two story based articles. This has gotten me back on track with writing content and doing some hobby bits. The last article I wrote before this was on November 21st, over a month ago at the time of writing.

Its so odd how you can write seven articles in as many days then two weeks later you have written nothing, had no inspiration and had no time to even get inspired. The peaks and troughs of our hobby come and go with no warning, and they seem to effect me to the point of being able to do nothing hobby related at all. Even when I have a deadline for someone else!

All that being said I feel inspired now after a bumper Christmas of Imperial Guard, Blood Angels, Space Marines and Tyranids. The latter three being completely new armies for me. So I have lots to read, learn, build and paint over the coming months.

Blog - Photo from last year

Blog – Photo from last year

But one can’t rely on presents to feel like getting back on top of blogging or hobby projects. I’m going to need to dig deep over the next few months to keep myself pressing forward with all my new hobby projects. I am feeling overwhelmed at the moment.

What do you do to keep hobby-ing when all motivation has gone?