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Blog Spotlight for 40K – A regular new feature

Approximate Reading Time: 2 minutes
Cadian Trooper in the "Blog Spotlight"

Cadian Trooper in the “Blog Spotlight”

I’m going to start a feature that will showcase and review a hobby related blog each month (possibly week). I felt like a blog roll was good way of exposing newly created articles from other bloggers but not much else. It also doesn’t get them in front of new people effectively and expose what they really have to offer.

So spawned the idea of a ‘Blog Spotlight’, a more in-depth look at a blog, the writer and what they do for their hobby. There are a lot of cool people out there doing a lot of cool stuff. Getting noticed, page views, feedback and comments can be hard work and anything I can do to get other bloggers out there I am happy to do. Been there done that!

In the firing line so far, in no particular order, is;

The main aims of this feature are;

  • Review the blog and what is has to offer fellow hobbyists
  • Showcase a particular special piece of their work or specific articles
  • Exposure their blog to a new user base
  • Provide some basic overview information
  • Drive new users to engage with the blogger via Twitter, Facebook and via their blog’s comments

If you think I have missed some key point that you should know about a blogger please let me know and I will try to include it. I don’t want the articles to be too lengthy, they need to give a taste without being very wordy. They need to tease, entice and lead!

Want your blog ‘spotlighted’? Please leave me a comment below! I only ask that you cover some elements of 40K.