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Age4 months (as of Sept 2014)
No. of posts30+
Active in 40KMany
Armies coveredImperial Guard, Grey Knights, Death Korps of Krieg, Nurgle Chaos Space Marines

Notable Posts

£5 Challenge - Chaplin

£5 Challenge – Chaplin

£5 Paint Challenge

So it turns out this Resin dude can paint! There are no negative words to describe this WIP Chaplin. A thousand blessings shall befall you and your family from the God-Emperor himself. Great work!


Paint stripping is hard to get right, easy to get wrong. Begin here with ResinJunkie’s tutorial on paint stripping to make sure you don’t melt your models into Nurgle juice.

YouTube Battle Reporters

ResinJunkie's Deathwatch Kill Team

ResinJunkie’s Deathwatch Kill Team

I am a big fan of filling those boring tasks with something of worth; painting the house, doing the dishes, falling asleep, even work! What better way than to watch a battle report and learn a little more about 40K and the way other people play their armies. ResinJunkie’s list of YouTube Battle Report channels is a great place to find the right sort of channel for you.

All Hail The Purifiers

We have all done it, “that unit sucks, I am never using it again, it died in turn 1”. ResinJunkies realisation that Purifiers were not to be overlooked but are in fact a very effective unit is worth a read for those who play Grey Knights and those who do not. If you don’t play Grey Knights then its worth a read to see how a unit that was overlooked as “none scoring and expensive” can be used effectively to complete other tasks.


ResinJunkie is, like myself, relatively new to the blogosphere. But unlike me he is a 40K veteran. He blogs about all aspects of 40K as he experiences new codices, new models, gaming wins and losses plus much more.

If you’re looking for something new, well written and insightful be sure to keep an eye on ResinJunkie his journey is only just beginning.

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