Blog Header and Current Games

Approximate Reading Time: 2 minutes

So, the blog header is terrible at the moment. Its a cropped image of a recent game using my iPhone – Imperial Guard vs Tau. There is some kitchen in the background too which is always nice for those who like Cath Kidston.

My games at the moment are played at home with very little terrain. But me and my mate are going to be making one piece of terrain each for each game we play. At that rate that’s 1 piece of terrain per week. So eventually we will build up some terrain.

The games are also played on my dining room table, which is not big enough. Its around 5 ft by 3 ft, so it is kind of the right shape but not big enough at all. Things get very close very quickly and night fighting is fairly ineffective as we start so close together.

At the moment we use household ornaments, baby toys and pieces of paper that read Crater 4+ or Forest 5+. Crude but it works.

As the blog grows and the terrain stash grows I will update the header image to hopefully better reflect the quality of my current games! But at present this is reality, my 40k battlefields look a mess!

First header image

First header image featuring Iron Hand Straken atop a chimera