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Battle Reports from The Battle Directory

Battle Reports from The Battle Directory

Well its finally here, after 3 months of coding on and off I have a version online that I am happy for people to see and use. Welcome to The Battle Directory, in a nutshell;

The Battle Directory takes the pain out of building and sharing battle reports for all your favourite gaming systems.

Simply import your army, upload some photos, and fill in as much detail as you like.

We’ll take care of all the hard work so you can focus on your strategy.

First of all thanks to Tibbs, ResinJunkie, Texas40K, Oakenhawk, Ultimate Dave, Waaaghschale and Gohda for your continued help and support with this project. Without you guys I wouldn’t have come this far, truly you guys rock.

Onwards now! The site is up, online and taking registrations now. You can get started right now! Or if you have a game soon, take a few snaps and some notes and write it up afterwards.

The main site can be found at but really you want this link to the 40K site;


  • Import painlessly – Skip the data entry with built-in Battlescribe and Army Builder compatibility.
  • Stay organised – Document all your battle reports in one place.
  • Show off – Tell the story in pictures with smart image annotation.
  • Gain renown – Achievements and ratings systems (still to do) let you build up the glory of your legions.
  • Find what you need – Searchable battle reports by game system and faction. Learn your army better, or discover your enemies’ dirty tricks.
  • Spread the word – Easily share your battle reports in an easy-to-view format.
  • Grow your base – Export your games and share them on the platforms your fans prefer to follow (still to do).

I am adding new features all the time so if you want to see something added then please do let me know via the comments!