Astra Militarum Getting Started Overview - Astra Militarum Getting Started
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Astra Militarum Getting Started Overview – Astra Militarum Getting Started

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For my own sanity I wanted to put down in writing how I was going to structure this Astra Militarum Getting Started series. Without doing this I’m in danger of brain dumping everything. Which would be no use to anyone. So this is how I will approach this series and set out a general overview.

Getting Started on an Imperial Guardsman

Getting Started on an Imperial Guardsman

Astra Militarum Getting Started Overview

This is going to be a guide based on my past year of purchasing, painting and playing with the Astra Militarum. I can only bring my own experience to this so it makes sense to base it on my own story, rather than try and simply research an ultimate guide from other people’s resources. It’s going to be a catalog of my hobby so far with any advice and guidance I can throw in for other budding Imperial Generals out there. It’ll lean towards advice rather than a catalog to try and keep it useful.

The suggestions so far have been really great so please keep these coming as I get further into the series, as it’ll give me more to write about and ensure that I’m writing about aspects of the Astra Militarum that people want to hear about.

I’ll talk about my own experience from the start, what I bought, why and how those purchases were fielded on the table too. It’s really easy to make poor decisions at the start in terms of models bought and models built. Painting mistakes can be identified faster and corrected more easily than dropping £50 on the wrong model or out fitting a Leman Russ with an ineffective weapon configuration.

I’ll also talk about fielding an effective army too as one can buy models for the sake of it without really having a clear goal for an overall force. It’s fun to buy the models you like and I certainly did that myself. But it’s not fun to waste money or look at your models at the start of a game and realise you’re going to get beaten again because you’ve brought no heavy tanks.

But this about sums up the overall direction of this series. And please do keep those suggestions coming in the comments, on Twitter or on Facebook!

Next entry I’ll talk about research and the Astra Militarum codex.