Why Were We Annoyed At The 7th Edition

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Leman Russ Firing Lane

Leman Russ Firing Lane

Yesterday I ordered the 7th edition rule book, meaning the game I had two days ago was my last 6th edition game. I had only started playing 40k in January so having to shell out £50 on new rules already doesn’t feel great. The books look great and look like they will last and are robust. But the changes I have heard about so far seem so minor.


In terms of weight, number of pages, quality and colour images the books seem great at £50, but if you’re only after the rules its a lot of money for essentially a change log. Changes that could (I am guessing as my rules haven’t arrived yet) fit onto a few A4 sheets of paper and made freely available online.

All of this we accept though, because this is Games Workshop after all. So no one can complain about the books in terms of price. We know what we have gotten ourselves into. Games Workshop eats money from our bank accounts, but we don’t mind.

What really seemed to get people down/upset/aerated/annoyed about the prospect of a new 7th edition was the limitless armies that could be fielded. This I think you can be upset at Games Workshop about, this isn’t what we signed up for. I will happily pay through the nose for things that I like/enjoy but not this unbound nonsense. What were they thinking?! Well I guess it comes down to money again.

It Doesn’t Matter

But bound or unbound I don’t think this will matter for most players. Tournaments will handle it how they feel its best handled, if people don’t like it they wont play and then tournaments will change their rules to get people to play.

I play for the little events, those few dice rolls and decisions that make or break my game. It doesn’t matter if I win or not, but the story does matter. Its that single 2D6 roll in turn 5 that will either mean 4 Kroot fall back or not, that fall back will justify my deployment strategy, my unit movements, my intense fire onto those Kroot, 7 rolls of 1 and then continued fire to ensure they ran and allowed me to take that objective.

Those events and stories will still occur if there are 5 Riptides or no Riptides on the table.

P.S. Now I am written something for the first time in exactly 1 month I have new found vigour! Onwards with the 7th and with the blog :-)