I have an addiction & it is glorious

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I have an addiction & it is glorious

I have an addiction & it is glorious

I have an addiction and it’s name is hobby. It’s become my Chaos – an affliction that buries it’s roots everywhere!

These are just my thoughts on paper, an opinion piece, a brain dump. Nothing more.

40K is taking over, I think of it at all time – or so it seems, if I’m not reading something hobby related then I’m writing, if I’m not writing then I’m painting, if I’m not painting then I’m building, the loop goes on….

I love it and wouldn’t change it. The limits seem boundless. What I and others can create within the 40K galaxy is limitless, there is no stopping the creativity. Everyday brings new inspiration for painting projects, terrain builds, kit bashing, online tools, blog articles and campaigns. Twitter, Facebook, other blogs, Reddit, forums and news sites all fuel the inspiration and desire for more!

This feeling I’m sure flows to other table top hobbies too, I just happen to be in the 40K realm.

Have you the same affliction? How do you best feed yours? Or do you have to knowingly subdue your desires?

Finally, a big shout out to @Daryl_Flowers for providing the picture of our grumpy, unhinged, addicted Guardsman! Go check Daryl out, now!