229 days, 50 posts & 4 learnings – My 50th Post

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50th Post, 5 Gaurdsmen & a Piranha, Perfect

50th Post, 5 Gaurdsmen & a Piranha, Perfect

This is my 50th post! I cannot really believe it. This isn’t a huge milestone but its still a milestone of some sort! Back when I published¬†my first post I wasn’t even sure where this would take me, if I could keep it up or if anyone would read it!

But I’m still here, I can still write content and I have some regular readers. It’s been a really great journey so far. Stepping out into the internet to post your own content and photos is daunting. You’re opening yourself up to a whole load of new people. I was nervous about how my thoughts, articles, hobby projects and other bits and pieces would be received by a larger community. I’m happy to say it’s been for the most part very positive.

Rather than just ramble on about nothing I thought I’d try and turn¬†this article into something useful¬†for¬†others – by sharing some key things I’ve learnt over these last 7 months while blogging.

My Learnings

Keep Going

I started writing this article over a week ago, I then stopped for no reason. I don’t know why I stopped, for 5 or 6 days before I stopped I had published an article of some sort every day – which was a lot for me. Its taken me over a week to get back on it again, this comment on¬†waaaghgaming.de helped me though! Thanks again!

Sometimes I stop writing because I don’t have time, feel demotivated or simply have nothing of worth¬†to say. But after each break from¬†writing I have always come back and written again. Each time I do I feel motivated again and love it even more. I have¬†found it important to keep going, keep writing even when you don’t feel like it or you feel like no one is paying attention.

I am not saying write for the sake of writing. I am saying that when you’re not writing you should try and think about writing something. Anything could be that catalyst to get you writing again, to make you get back on that horse. Even an article about how you lost a battle will be interesting to someone, every article has an audience. Even the most daft!

Write, Listen & Respond

I have always tried to do this, its not something I have learnt but it is something that has become more and more important. Followers on Twitter, fans on Facebook, Reddit users and general readers of my blog always respond. They all come up with suggestions, comments and critique. It is important to take all of this onboard in terms of writing style, content and the way in which you handle feedback Рboth negative and positive.

There was a point where the blog was for me, a brain dump of content, it was simply an outlet for me as I didn’t have the time to play as much as I wanted to. But as time has passed the blog is something more than a brain dump for myself. Its a place to discuss topics, get advice from others and generally interact with others – its my own mini community?

Be Original

This is third on my list, but if you take one thing away from this articles its this;

Be original, content is king.

No body can take your creativity or originality away from you. People may say that your project isn’t¬†realistic, that your painting sucks, that your list isn’t WAAC or that your tactics do not make sense. But all those things are yours, it is your project, it is your painting approach, it is your list and it is your tactic. No body else has that thought process nor the insight you have into why you do the things you do.

You need to be original, to stand out and build an audience. Your content will make or break you. Your content is why people share, comment and return to your blog. Keep it original, stay unique.

Have Fun

There are no words needed. If you’re not having fun then stop. Unless of course you’re making stacks of cash from your blog, then carry on.