2 Hour Paint Challenge

Approximate Reading Time: 2 minutes

A while back I saw chatter on Twitter between @PVasiljevic and @sallycat_33 about a two hour paint challenge, this was a challenge from the former to the latter to paint a 28mm mini in 2 hours, with a base too. Its not a competition, just a simple challenge – can you do it.

I have now attempted this to see how well I got on, what I can speed up and to simply get a mini painted in full – or nearly in full. The other models I have are halfway between primed and painted. I didn’t get a base on mine and it was perhaps just short of two hours. I have been using Games Workshop’s How to Paint Cadians YouTube video as a starter, as this is the most painting I have done on a single model in a long time.

I took a photo after each paint I applied a paint more or less. I am happy with the result but need to get faster and be able to base the mini too. This is a really good way of speeding up painting as it lets you do a whole mini and see what can be covered over later easily. The production line approach is fine once you know what you are doing. Its no good if you are spending ages on each mini to then realise it was necessary when you come to the next paint.