1,500 pt Astra Militarum List Vs Tau - Warhammer 40K
Astra Militarum Tactics

1,500 pt Astra Militarum List Vs Tau – Warhammer 40K

Approximate Reading Time: 3 minutes

I’ve my second putting ever to my local club tonight. Said trip will involve 1,500 points of slaughter against some fishy 40K Xenos. So here my 1,500 pt Astra Militarum list Vs Tau.

I haven’t used any of the new formations from Mont’Ka, boo. Mainly because the ones I want to use I don’t have the models for and my opponent isn’t a cheesy Tau person plus he’s not played in a while so want to give him a fighting chance. Famous last words right?

Mission type (Maelstrom orĀ Eternal War) is random and therefore unknown this 1,500 pt Astra Militarum List is not tailored to either type.

1,500 pt Astra Militarum List


  • Pask in Punisher with Heavy Bolters and Lascannon accompanied by a Main Battle Tank Leman Russ
  • Company Command Squad with Medi-Pack and Vox

No Force Org

  • 2x Mastery Level 2 Primaris Pyskers


  • 2x Veterans squads with Vox, Lascannon, Carapace Armour, 3x Grenade Launchers, with a Primaris Pyskers each all in a Chimera
  • Veteran squad with 3 Meltaguns, Vox, Melta Bombs, single Demo Charge and a Commissar with Power Fist

Fast Attack

  • 2x Sentinels with Heavy Flamers and Smoke Launchers

Heavy Support

  • 2x Wyverns
  • A Basilisk

No anti-flier but I know he doesn’t have one so that’s all gravy.

1,500 pt Astra Militarum List Plan

HQ Plan

Pask will be centre stage hitting up whatever comes into range. As my Warlord I don’t want to be getting too aggressive with him.

The Company Command Squad will moveĀ as they need to, to dish out orders and put hisĀ Warlord Trait to good use. Not sure about this addition to the force, it exists for the orders, but if the Veterans are moving up inĀ Chimeras then there is every possibility that he will be out of the 12″ order range.

Troop Plan

The two squads of Veterans in their Chimeras with Pyskers will push forward. Both Psykers will probably run Divination. They’ll take objectives and run interference I hope. Using orders I hope to Split Fire with the Lascannon. The Grenade Launchers should be fairly useful for splatting a few Kroot open with Frag Grenades or a few Battle Suits with Krak Grenades.

The single Demo Charge, Meltaguns with Commissar squad of Veterans will stay in my back line and watch for deep strikers and Farsight. Both are a real possibility. If that doesn’t happen then they may well be wasted and so may resort to objective camping. If need be they can wonder off and go alone with their Commissar keeping them in check and dishing out an order to the squad.

Fast Attack Plan

I run this little set up a lot. Two outflanking Sentinels Scouts in reserve with Heavy Flamers. More often than not they come inĀ on a side of theĀ table thats worthwhile. Its rare you’ll get a table edge which doesn’t have a target. But two Heavy Flamers can kill a lot of troops against the Tau. I don’t take Smoke Launchers usually but I thought they might be handy here. Come on from reserve, toast some Tau, endure a turn, pop smoke andĀ survive a turn then finally move on to the next target.

Heavy Support Plan

Well Wyverns and a Basilisk – not much to say here. Both will sit in one place and pound the Tau to death from range. No upgrades here.

Finally, I will try and post some sort of report/summary afterwards, mainly for my own learnings. Lets hope for a win.

UpdateAĀ quick write up of the fight can now be found on this blog.