1,000 Point Bound List in 135 Characters, Challenge!

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500 point list on Twitter, 1,000 points possible?

500 point list on Twitter, 1,000 points possible?

Recently on Twitter I found myself writing out shortened 500 point lists to communicate my potential force for the evening’s gaming. This gave me a thought;

1,000 Point Bound List Twitter Challenge

Is it possible to write a 1,000 point list in 140 characters?

I am sure it is, but to make it longer and therefore harder lets make it a bound force, no cheese and lets add in a 5 character hash tag #bl140 too (Bound List 140). It should also be legible, ‘LSHF.Tc.T.R.LR’ won’t do! That was “Land Speeder Heavy Flamer, Tactical Squad, Terminators, Rhino, Land Raider by the way.

If you’re not using Twitter, perhaps Facebook or the comments section on this post then you can use this site to easily count the characters in your lists. Good luck!

I will give this a go later on I think using an Imperial Guard force. So keep an eye out here and on that hash tag for my attempt.