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Tau vs Imperial Guard Battle Report - 1,000pt, Presentation Style Battle Report


The set up (1/1)
  • 2nd game on my home made 6ft x 4ft board
  • Tau vs Imperial Guard - 1,000 points
  • Last Imperial Guard game before the new codex
  • We're still learning, so expect some Game Changing mistakes


  • The mission was randomly selected, hence it wasn't a Tau or Guard mission
  • Mobile Defence (Eldar) from the Battle Missions Book was selected
  • Deployment was anywhere in your own table half
  • But the Guard had to deploy at least 18" from any enemy unit
  • The sections of paper are forests, ruins, etc - area terrain with 4+ or 5+ cover saves


  • Tau set up right, Guard left
  • Tau had all of their Devilfish in reserve as per the mission rules
  • The Guard had 2 veteran squads in reserve. 1 squad in Chimera & 1 in a Valkyrie, plus Marbo
  • Objectives are blue milk bottle tops, the 4th is behind the sandy coloured structure (centre top)

Turn 1

  • The deployment rules meant we started rather close
  • So the Tau moved up slowly, cautiously - very little shooting
  • The Guard didn't move, but waited on its reserves, in cover
  • The Tau could receive reserves in turn 1, but none arrived
  • The Guard were determined to keep their 20 man blob (with commissar) in one place
  • To keep them in cover & alive!

Turn 2

  • Steady movement forward from the Tau
  • The Tau Commander & 3 Battle Suits are getting close
  • The Riptide at the far end was making the Guard nervous, as it jump jets into area terrain
  • The Guard blob held fast behind & on top of their volcanic hill
  • 1 Tau Devilfish arrived containing Firewarriors (bottom right)
  • No Guard reserves arrived!

Turn 3

  • The Tau's shooting is whittling down the Guard blob
  • They are also gradually taking hull points too
  • Marbo (just below table centre) & a Chimera of veterans arrive (top left)
  • BOOM! Marbo deals an awesome demo charge & kills 3 Battle Suits & the Tau HQ
  • Things are looking bad now for the Riptide
  • The Russ has now put 2 wounds on the Riptide
  • And a veteran squad has appeared behind it in a Chimera

Turn 4

  • The final Devilfish arrived containing Pathfinders
  • Tau continue to do hull points & kill the blob, the Russ is providing cover to the Guard HQ
  • The Kroot in the forest are now dead, the blob can push for the objective
  • The Basilisk did nothing all game & now has a Riptide bearing down on its left side
  • The Valkyrie deep striked - I now know it should have flown in
  • It scattered & the Tau got to place it - massive fail

Turn 5

  • It is the final push, so much death has meant there are few troops left to take objectives
  • The mishap with the Valkyrie has meant they were too far away to deploy troops onto the top objective
  • The blob & Platoon commander are killed by Firewarrior & Devilfish burst cannons
  • The Basilisk killed all Pathfinders in 1 volley!
  • The Russ has cleverly moved to keep its rear safe & face its front to the Riptide


  • It was a draw, no troops made it to within 3" of an objective
  • Late reserves & heavy troop losses were to blame
  • I was lucky with the Riptide, it did very little as it was fitted to kill troops, not vehicles
  • None of the Guard vehicles died! Mainly thanks to poor rolling - but also thanks to decent placement?
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