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Bay Area Open Scenario 1 & 3 Tracker

I’ve been at it again! Coding 40K tools! This time its a mission tracker for the Bay Area Open Tournament hosted by Frontline Gaming. Only scenarios 1 and 3 are completed so far as these are the simplest and they have essentially the same underlying score mechanics. I still need to do a help section for it but it works and is ready [...]


A Social Week (ish) in 40K

I thought it would be fun (and annoying for everyone else, therefore even more fun) to live every Facebook post and Tweet  in the 40k universe. So no pictures of dogs and beer and  no hobby chat! I am not sure which one is more devastating. I have logged my current Twitter and Facebook stats so I can track the great exodus! Perhaps this [...]


Warhammer 40K Lazy Dice

David who I play my Warhammer 40K games with had a theory; that a computer would speed up our games if it did our dice rolls for us. Our game seem to take ages. I think this is mainly due to interruptions, fluff chat and general indecisiveness. I’m not convinced his theory is correct though. The idea was that by getting a computer to [...]