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Astra Militarum Tactics

Bullgryn Tactics

Note: I have a new article about Bullgryns Tactics in 8th edition! Element Games managed to make me buy a box of three Bullgryns by running their recent birthday competition. I didn’t win. When I first read the rules on these guys I got very excited and thought of a few uses for them. But now I find myself with three of these big fellas [...]


Second Hand Models

What your thoughts on second hand models? I don’t mean commissioned paint jobs or models you buy for the pro paint job. I mean models that are used, badly painted, base coated or part built rejects.   Coming into the hobby after a long break has been interesting. Back when I gave it up eBay was just starting out and that’s [...]


Making a 6ft x 4ft Table Top Gaming Board

My current table is just my dining room table, it’s 5ft x 3ft and far too small for games. Even smaller games like Kill Team or 500pt games seem to need around 4ft square. So I needed a new board to play on. Storage is a big deal, simply having a huge piece of hardboard wouldn’t work as it’s too big to store anywhere in my [...]


Blog Header and Current Games

So, the blog header is terrible at the moment. Its a cropped image of a recent game using my iPhone – Imperial Guard vs Tau. There is some kitchen in the background too which is always nice for those who like Cath Kidston. My games at the moment are played at home with very little terrain. But me and my mate are going to be making one [...]